Membership Categories

Student $15.00
Free subscription to Association
Update, our quarterly newsletter
Access to the lending library
Copy of WNYAHA member directory

Individual  $35.00
All of the above plus:
Invitation to the annual meeting
10% discount for all WNYAHA workshops

Organizational   $55.00
All of the above plus:
15% discount for all WNYAHA workshops
Consultant referral services
Discounts on advertising in the newsletter

Organizational Supporting      $100.00
All of the above plus:
20% discount for all WNYAHA workshops
One Free advertisement in the newsletter


Benefits of WNYAHA membership include:

Association Update is a quarterly newsletter that includes information on grants, workshops, conferences, collections management, local events and other useful information for historical societies and museums.

Workshops such as "Grave Matters"

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to network with colleagues to exchange information and benefit from professional training.

Consultant Referral Network makes finding the right person for your particular need quick and easy. Contact WNYAHA via phone or e-mail.

Lending Library/Resource File materials are available through the WNYLRC (Western New York Library Resources Council) office.

Speakers´ Bureau is a list of speakers from the WNYAHA area. As a member, you can participate as a presenter.

See our Member Directory here.

Download the membership form here.